London: 3000 years of Jewish history in a day.

British Museum: Bringing key episodes from Tanach to life. Including Yetzias Mitzrayim, Bayis Rishon and the Purim story. Understanding the impact of the Roman Empire on Klal Yisroel.

The Tower of London: Exploring the expulsion of the Jewish community from England.

Bevis Marks: The return to England and the rebuilding of a Kehillo.

The East End: Getting to grips with the mesirus nefesh our ancestors displayed for Shabbos, Kashrus and Chinuch.

York: Kiddush Hashem then and now.

The Roman Column: Understanding the impact of Churban HaBayis.

The Norman House: How we used to live.

Rampart Walk along the old city walls. Introduction to the period of the Rishonim.

Jewbury: Site of ancient Beis Hakovoros. A remarkable story of Hashgocho Protis.

Jubbergate: Ancient market place. Commerce and Jewish life.

Beis Haknesses be churbanoh.

Mini Seminar on the Hashkofoh of Anti-Semitism.

Question and Answer session.

Clifford’s Tower: Kiddush Hashem then and now.

Yorkminster: A modern twist to an ancient tale.

Ramsgate: Contemporary messages from a Bygone Era.

Montefiore Shul: Understanding the man and his mission.

Montefiore Kevorim: Kever Rochel in Kent and the connection with Yerusholayim.

Montefiore Yeshiva: Investing in the future.

Interactive Seminar on Kuntres Hachessed.

Picnic on the beach.

Recreational Activities in the area.