Meet the Team

Rabbi Shimshon Silkin

Executive Director

Rabbi Shimshon Silkin, a graduate of Shaarei Torah and the Mir, is a musmach of Kollel HaRan, Ramot. He is an international public speaker who has 15+ years’ experience teaching Hashkofoh to thousands of High School students in the USA and UK.

Rabbi Yonoson Roodyn

Educational Director

Rabbi Yonoson Roodyn is a graduate of the Mir and Rav Yitzchok Berkovits’ Kollel in Yerusholayim. He is an experienced tour guide, having led many trips to Eretz Yisroel, Eastern Europe and across the UK, as well as serving as a meishiv on the Federation Beis Din’s ShailaText service. Hundreds of his Hashkofoh shiurim can be found on

Mrs Sara Silkin

Event Coordinator

Mrs Sara Silkin lends her enthusiastic and friendly personality and communication skills to help create and run Chazon’s women’s/girls’ events and programmes.

Batsheva Werjuka

Office Manager

Batsheva Werjuka, formerly administrator at Seed, utilises her formidable organisational skills and attention to detail to help make Chazon function smoothly, as well as create and co-lead Chazon’s flagship summer tour of Eretz Yisroel.

Mrs Yael Fisher

Curriculum Developer

Mrs Yael Fisher maximises her artistic talents and educational experience to help produce Chazon’s teaching materials.